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Welcome to Jin Reaper Distillery, located in Sheffield - the lair for gins of character.

Our small-batch signature gins take inspiration from folklore of old, capturing the essence of the haunting myths and personified characters that await us all in the end.

All of our bottles are handmade and never mass produced here in our Sheffield Gin Distillery. We use the finest botanicals and base ingredients to produce the truly distinct flavours found in our gins. Learn more about our products and more about us here.






Our Unholy Trilogy:

We produce three distinct gins that we refer to as our Trilogy. Each has been specifically crafted by our creators to embody the spirit of their namesakes.



Gin Distillery selling Gin and Merchandise Jin Reaper graphic of Grim

Gin Distillery selling Gin and Merchandise Jin Reaper graphic of Evangeline tattooed woman and the grim reaper

Gin Distillery selling Gin and Merchandise Jin Reaper graphic The Ferryman crossing in a boat with ghostly eyes



The personification of Death itself, the Grim Reaper is the spectre that awaits us all when our time on this mortal coil comes to its end. We pay tribute to Grim with our very own signature London Dry, a crisp taste that leaves a finish of pink grapefruit, orange peel and smoky black cardamon.


The Reapers Bride, snatched away from her life to become the prized possession of Death itself… This spicy gin reflects the turbulent relationship of passion, desire, hate and love. Packed with deliciously fiery cumin, cardamom and cubebs flavours, offset with liquorice sweetness.


Pay the Ferryman's toll if you wish to cross the River Styx with your soul intact, or forever walk the lands as a lost soul…. We hope he'll accept this Navy Strength gin instead! It's strong and intense, it's deep and it's dark – just like the depths of Hades themselves.




Unholy Trilogy

Our Signature London Dry Gin: Grim, Trilogy Part 1
London Dry Gin: Evangeline, Trilogy Part 2
London Dry Gin: The Ferryman, Trilogy Part 3



The Reaper's Chosen:

We offer a loyalty scheme incentive for return customers, for every 5 bottles of 70cl gin purchased you will get 20% off your next order.



Free Delivery Offer:

We are offering free delivery on the full Trilogy set (70cl). Grab this fantastic offer while it lasts!






Jin Distillery Merch

If you love our custom artwork as much as we do, soon you'll be able to buy your very own Jin Reaper merchandise such as hipflasks, glasses and more. We are even going to be offering personalised engraving!

Check back regularly for updates.


Gin Distillery selling Gin and Merchandise Gin cocktail being swirled on bar by bartender in checked shirt with tattoos




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We can ship our products to all customers in mainland UK from our Sheffield Gin Distillery. If you are looking to place a bulk order or to purchase our products from outside of the UK, please get in touch before buying.


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