Taste our gins

Two of our three gins, Grim and Ferryman, recently won awards from the Gin Guide 2022. If you would like to know more about what our signature Sheffield gin tastes like, read on here:

Jin Reaper – Grim

Our ‘Grim' gin is anything but grim to taste. The spirit comprises 14 botanicals including juniper, green cardamom, black cardamom, orange, pink grapefruit, elderberries, cashews, cassia, and grains of paradise. The Gin Guide praises its robust, traditional flavour, and its balanced taste journey, along with the deeper notes of citrus and spice, which emerge when tasting the gin with tonic water.

Positive characteristics noted by the Judges:

  • Distinctive spicy aroma, and spicy warming mouthfeel.
  • Hints of spiced chocolate orange on the nose.
  • Some smoky cardamom and cinnamon on the nose, juniper, earthiness and spice.
  • Lovely evolving spice finish and a comparatively fresh palate.
  • All the elements to create an exceptional traditional gin are present.
  • A big robust juniper start, yet a medley of botanicals follow, these are wonderfully defined.
  • The palate has an initial deep, sweet orange flavour with mixed citrus and juniper.
  • Citrus; rooty and peppery at the end.
  • Leaves the palate crisp, clean and fresh.
  • The nose is definitely distinctive and interesting with plentiful spice and an almost cacao earthiness.
  • Citrus and juniper on the palate, along with coriander, cassia, and a lovely, dry finish that contrasts nicely with the earlier citrus sweetness.


Jin Reaper – Ferryman

Ferryman is a high ABV gin, made in the same still as Grim. However its higher alcohol content gives its flavour a completely different profile, with sweet, earthy, and spicy nuances, and a level of heat and peppery finish that is enhanced by dilution.

Positive characteristics noted by the Judges:

  • Sweet, earthy and with a tickle and zing of citrus on the nose.
  • Citrusy and spicy on the nose.
  • Smooth, nutty, cinnamon, juniper forward – excellent!
  • Citrusy and aromatic on the palate, cardamom notes and peppery pine on the finish.
  • Lovely mouthfeel and really opens up with dilution, blooming lovely!


Gin Reaper – Evangeline

This is a Spiced London dry gin, made from a range of botanicals, including ginger cumin, cubebs, liquorice, and cassia. Of our gin varieties, while Evangeline was not entered in the Gin Guide judging, we highly recommend it for its spicy taste profile. It is best served with tonic with a garnish of star anise, or with ginger ale.